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Chiron work in schools with children, parents and school staff

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We see parents on their own and with their children.
If worries are school-related, parents can invite the child’s teacher to one or more sessions. We use solution focused techniques which allow us to work briefly – between 2-6 sessions at fortnightly intervals.

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We offer teachers and support staff a place where they can talk about issues and concerns related to their work.
Consultations are usually monthly. They can be one-to-one or in a group; a one-off or several sessions. We can use the time to look at a specific issue or to focus on developing helpful techniques and skills.

Schools #03

Returning to school after fixed term exclusion can be difficult for the child, his or her parent, class teacher and peers.
Chiron has designed a programme of planned re-integration into the class-room for primary school-aged children who have had a series of fixed term exclusions.

The programme comprises:

  • six one-hour consultation sessions in which two relationship consultants meet fortnightly with parents, child and class teacher
  • parents, child and teacher are asked to complete a questionnaire at least a week before the start of the consultation sessions.
  • the questionnaire identifies the child, teacher and parents perceptions about relationships and behaviours.
  • the questionnaires are used in sessions to enable discussions that cover such issues as rule making, rule following, rule breaking and the effect these might have on teacher-parent, child parent and child teacher relationships
  • the questionnaire is completed again at the end of the programme to help identify changes in behaviours and relationships
  • on completion of the 6 sessions the consultants prepare a report
  • consultants meet with class teacher, parents and child a month later to discuss the report
  • the final report is submitted to the Head teacher.

Please click on the Case study icon below to read about Chiron's work in schools. Please click here to request more details or to discuss your general requirements.

Case Study: Keeping James in School

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